Global and Social Concerns

The Presbyterian Church is extremely active in terms of being responsible for the world and those living in it. There is active participation from all sectors of the church from all over the world and a huge amount of funding and projects are dedicated towards solving all kinds of social and global issues. The participation is done right down to the local level where the leaders of the presbytery actively participate in bringing awareness about the challenges that the world and the people are facing. In addition to that, the overall governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church also put a special focus on giving its input in making sure that the same awareness is being spread at a larger level and action is taken too. The list of issues that the Presbyterian Church has actively participated in is quite long and their activity involved both spreading awareness and providing real time input towards solving these problems. Currently, there are all sorts of projects that different bodies of the Presbyterian Church around the world are conducting to provide relief for different problems that range from small and local to global. Some of the major activities that the Presbyterian Church has actively participated in and continues to do so are discussed here.

What is being done for the less fortunate?

The list of churches that have been actively participating in providing food to the poor in all corners of the world is quite long. Among these churches, the Presbyterian efforts are quite commendable and there are missions from all parts of the United States and European countries that go all over the world to provide support. The major part of these efforts can be seen in poverty stricken countries of Africa and that isn’t something that you will only see in that part of the world. An example of this is the Presbyterian Church in Ireland that has a multitude of projects that are providing relief to all kinds of people. However, in addition to that, they are all specialized in one particular form of service or another which makes their work even more diverse and well planned. There are rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, residential care homes for the disabled and a lot more. This is just one example among the countless other specialized operations that are being run all over the world by the Presbyterian Church to provide relief to the poor and disabled.

Global Warming and Depletion of Ozone Layer Addressed

This is a very serious issue that has been affecting the health of our planet for quite a long time now and the Presbyterian Church has taken a keen interest in making sure that steps get taken on the issue. The Presbyterian Church USA has been one of the most actively participating parts of the church and not only has it raised its voice at a regional and national level, they have also formally brought their concern in front of the United Nations Organization. In the year 1990, a complete policy paper was submitted by the Presbyterian Church USA in the General Assembly of the UN which included a full report on the issue of the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming too. It also went on to provide a complete and comprehensive guideline that provided the steps required to counter the problem. The Church itself has also taken practical steps in showing that it means business when it comes to saving the environment and that has resulted in a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and products involving chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Social Issues being tackled

There are a number of very notorious issues that the Presbyterian Church is actively working to resolve, especially in the USA where the two issues of abortion and gun-related violence is quite sensitive. The church is highly focused on making sure that the policies they deliver are fair in every possible way and according to the teachings of the faith. According to the latest meetings of the general assembly of USA, there has been a strong urge to provide help and care to people who may be carrying the potential for getting involved in gun violence. The purpose is to make sure that events like mass shootings and homicides can be prevented more effectively. The issue of abortion also raised the need to provide counseling and a period of self reflection regarding the making of this choice, no matter if the child is born or unborn.

The Presbyterian Church has a very huge focus in being a visible part of a good change in the environment and the community. For that reason, the presbyteries, synods and general assemblies put as much effort as possible in bringing a positive and permanent change in the world.