Presbyterian Views

The Presbyterian Church is highly focused on making sure that it is able to guide the people on every issue in their lifestyle and help them overcome even the most sensitive issues without falling into any confusion. To do that, they have specialized think tanks that work on finding answers to the biggest problems of today using guidance from the Holy Bible. Another thing that sets them apart from other typical religious factions of Christianity is that they always find the answers to the questions using a blend of religious knowledge and scriptures and logical sense at the same time. Some of the most commonly discussed views and the stand of the Presbyterian Church on them has been discussed here.

Marriage Equality

This is a topic that has been under scrutiny and constant debate for a very long time and a lot of very sensitive and serious clashes were also seen among the different groups of believers. While the stance on this issue among the rest of Churches may vary, the Presbyterian Church has clearly established that it believes in the equality that everyone deserves in regards with marriage. There is nothing wrong with same-sex marriages and the church clearly endorses all those who decide to take the unconventional road.


Considering the conditions around the world and the fact that there are practically dozens of active war zones in every corner of the world, it is quite a sensitive matter. However, according the Presbyterian Church, the line has to be drawn for what is right and what is wrong and determine where it is necessary to fight. The beliefs of John Calvin himself are held tightly here who believed in a “just” war where it was absolutely necessary to fight against the bad people in the world who threaten to destroy the peace. Still, war should be the last option and taken only after all other peaceful routes have been exhausted.

Immigrants Rights

The Presbyterian Church is quite active in regards with the rights of the immigrants and a number of churches in the recent times have also provided shelter to the immigrants having problems with the authorities on their status. The Presbyterian Church USA also released a detailed reaction on the latest passing of the bill that was bound to cause a lot of problems in the southern borders. There is however a small air of relief on the fact that there is a passage left to achieve citizenship, even though it is quite narrow.

Economic Crisis

The Presbyterian Church is one of the most active bodies working to help people in the economic crisis and the general approach to resolve the issue includes a resolution that focuses on making sure that the responsibility is taken equally by everyone, no human rights are violated, public order is maintained fully and the economic imbalance is countered properly and in all fairness to those who have suffered.

Bringing about Peace

The Presbyterian Church is extremely concerned about the peace situation in the hot warzones around the world. One of the biggest examples of this is the direct involvement of Presbyterian Church USA in the resolution of the Palestine conflict and urging both sides to do their part in bringing back the peace in the region.


In the recently released reports, the CIA was said to have been using torture methods on the prisoners that they were holding and the Presbyterian Church took a very hard line on the issue. The church spoke clearly that the use of torture techniques was not right whatsoever, especially considering the fact that the same government that condemned its use in foreign countries was doing it at the same time. The church believes that torture is a purely evil activity and it is in complete violation of the human rights and every human being’s dignity.

The Media

The role of media is perhaps the most important of all global and social issues at hand and the stance that the Presbyterian Church has about it is quite clear and undisputable. The church firmly believes that it is the responsibility of the media to spread the news that is just and truthful and in no way violates the rights of any human being or nation. The stance is believed to be the most logically apt and is also what everyone’s stance on the issue should be because there is no denying the fact that these are the things that really matter here the most.