Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy defined here clearly identifies the data that may be collected by our website and the intended use of the data which is in complete accord with the ethics for using the internet. The website may collect personal data about you for the sake of information and understanding of the audience that our website generates. “Personal data” refers to your name, address, phone number, email, birth date, social security number and your credit card’s last 4 digits. The website will not be using any of your data for any illegal or unethical purposes whatsoever and will be bound by this declaration at all times.

Consent Agreement

Being a user of the website, you are providing us with your consent to collect data about you as it has been described above and there is no exclusive permission included for the collection of this data.

Changes in Policy

The policy is bound to constant change because of the constantly changing online environment, the changes being brought into the law that may impact the website directly, the changes occurring in technology that may change the behavior of the website and its operation and other relevant factors. In addition to that, the policy is constantly reviewed from time to time to accommodate for specific changes that may impact the website. In all of the cases stated above, if there is a change brought into the policy then the website will announce the change with the date of change on the homepage of the website.

Usage of Personal Data

The personal information that includes the items stated in the policy above are used for purposes which include responding to your email, providing you with services that you may have requested and contacting you for feedback etc. In addition to that, the data is also used to bring about enhancements in the user experience that our website creates and providing a better service to our audience continuously.

The website also uses anonymous data from its users and the purpose of that is to solely focus on the website’s performance. The data that is collected for this purpose from your computer, tablet or mobile phone does not identify your personally in any way and only statistics are generated from the collected data.


The website is not knowingly collecting any data from children who are below thirteen years of age. In case you are a child who is under the age of thirteen, we strongly recommend you not to provide us with any personal information about yourself. In case you are a parent and your child has provided personal information then please contact us immediately so we can remove the information.


The links provided in the website that lead to other websites are not bound by our privacy policy and visiting other websites will make our policy inapplicable. The website will not be responsible for any data practices of these websites and we strongly recommend that you check the policy of each website before providing personal data.

For further questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to email us.