What Part of the World are Presbyterians Practicing?

The Presbyterian Church has had its roots spread around all parts of the world at a very fast pace and the reason for that is mainly the fact that the ideology and teachings of this church are easily acceptable and welcoming. Spreading the word of God in a manner that is based on the true teachings on Bible is what the whole effort that spans over hundreds of years is all about. Today this has resulted in a very widespread network that spans over hundreds of presbyteries, and this network is continues to grow with every passing day. The places where there are Presbyterians practicing currently have been discussed here for your information.


The Scots Kirk is one of the most prominent establishments of the Presbyterian Church and even though it is in France, the language spoken here is English and the attendance consists of a lot of different nationalities. It has close ties to the Reformed Church of France.


This is one of the biggest hubs of the Presbyterian Church as the main influence here was brought in by John Knox himself who was a close partner of John Calvin himself. His work was quite phenomenal and it was in 1560 when the religious authority in the country which belonged to the Roman Church was abolished for the Reformist Church. Currently, there are several denominations of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland and they include the Church of Scotland, the Free Church of Scotland, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland and several others.


The Presbyterian Church was brought to England in secrecy because of the dominant control of the Elizabethan Church. When Thomas Cartwright delivered his controversial lectures on the hierarchical system of the Elizabethan Church, he was banned from his position and immigrated abroad. The Church of England finally allowed Presbyterianism in England in the year 1647 and it is after that, that the Presbyterian Church started spreading around England. Several of the newer churches that practice Presbyterianism were actually created by Scottish immigrants and currently the Presbyterian Church of England is the biggest body of the church in England.


The main representative of the Presbyterian Church in Wales is the Presbyterian Church of Wales and it was formally a part of the Church of England. It was in 1811 however, when they finally broke off and had their own ministers ordained.


The Presbyterian Church is quite popular in Ireland and is actually the largest of all protestant groups in Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland and also the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster.

United States of America

The official arrival of Presbyterian Church in the USA was in the times of Colonial America in the year 1703. The church spread quite quickly and a lot of denominations were established over the years all around the USA. Currently, there are several dominating bodies in the States that represent the Presbyterian Church and the major ones among them include the Presbyterian Church USA, the Presbyterian Church in America, the Bible Presbyterian Church, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the ECO and also the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (USA).

Other Denominations

The work of the Presbyterian Church has been spread far and wide and it has found solid roots in a lot of other countries too. Canada is also a major point for Presbyterianism and the United Church of Canada is currently the biggest representing body of Presbyterianism in Canada.

Mexico is also counted as a major area in terms of the influence that the Presbyterian Church has found there and the chief representative of the church there is the National Presbyterian Church in Mexico.

The main denomination in Brazil is the Presbyterian Church of Brazil and in general, there are nearly a million followers of the Presbyterian Church there which itself is quite a big achievement. Other Latin American states where the church has shown a lot of results in terms of spreading the Presbyterian ideology include Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Cuba and Bolivia.

In addition to the work that the Presbyterian Church has done in the European countries and the Americas, it has also established a properly working base in the African countries and currently, Kenya is the biggest of all its denominations with over four million members.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, the Presbyterian Church has established similarly stable roots in countries like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and also New Zealand.